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Group runs: Weekly runs from rotating locations in the Bloomington area. Runs offer a variety of workouts (repeats, easy, and long) and terrain (road and trail).


Contact us for more info and come see what we're all about! 


You are welcome to come to some runs before joining; please fill out this waiver and give it to one of us.


Training programs: Emphasize self-improvement through patience, consistency, and the group atmosphere with the ultimate goal of building fitness and continuing improvement beyond the race. Pace group leaders provide a tremendous link between our wide range of abilities by keeping communication and camaraderie strong.


  • Grow as a runner with adaptable training concepts to meet your time constraints and needs.

  • Participate in weekly speedwork sessions and coordinated group runs.

  • Use the proven group training effect to motivate each other to common goals.

  • Receive experienced advice on nutrition, training, and race day preparation.

  • A great group for networking and socializing


Training groups are available and free to BARA members only.

BARA members participate in a variety of races, ranging from 5Ks like Hoosiers Outrun Cancer and the Magnificent 7 racing series to local half marathons like the Hoosier Half, Indianapolis Monumental, the Indy Half, Mill Race, and our very own, super low-key BARA Half, to full marathons and ultras.

If you have questions about race day preparation, nutrition, strategies, etiquette, or just the low down on local races, there is no better resource than the BARA "brain trust." Contact us or come to a group run and ask away!

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