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Time to talk about fall goals.

Spring racing is mostly over and many people are now turning their attention to new goals for the fall. A popular choice for many runners in Bloomington is the Monumental Marathon in early November. Are you thinking of doing your first marathon or half marathon? Are you an experienced runner wanting to get faster and just need some motivation to train? Do you just want some company o​​n those sticky summer long runs? BARA can help!

Starting in July, we will be bringing back our fall marathon/half marathon training group, targeting Monumental, but easily tweaked to peak for any fall race. We provide a customizable training plan and experienced advice about how to train, whatever your goals. The most important thing we offer, however, is the group training effect. It's not just someone to run with; it's encouragement when you're feeling unmotivated, a dose of common sense when you need a rest day, and that little extra nudge when it's time to push the envelope a little in order to improve.

We also have big news to announce very soon about official club membership. Stay tuned for more updates!

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