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BARA is back!

It has been a long and tedious road to reorganize BARA and re-establish it as a nonprofit organization and insured chapter of the Road Runners Club of America, but the day is finally here.

We are handling registrations through You can register online via the link below, or access a PDF to download and print out if you prefer to pay by cash or check.

A few notes:

- Even if you have been in BARA before, we must ask you to re-register. It was necessary to go back to being a club with annual dues, and since we're using a new system, we're starting the roster from scratch. Rest assured you will get your money's worth from race, gear, and local business discounts, training groups/plans, and more.

- Our group runs will remain open to everyone. We understand that you may not feel it's worth it to join if you just want some company on a run every now and then, and that's totally fine. But because of our insurance, we will need everyone who is not a member to sign a waiver before participating in official group runs.

- Pace groups. We know a lot of people may feel self-conscious about running with others. Everyone, no matter your pace, is welcome. Our group runs generally attract a very wide range of paces and we're currently working on organizing pace groups so that attendees know what to expect. Are you interested in leading a pace group? Let us know! We especially need folks in the 11+ minute per mile range.

Now that we've gotten the club official again, we're ready to concentrate more on planning fun events for this summer and fall. Let us know what you would like to see!

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